Staged Order Strategy


Automatically Activate your Staged Orders

Do you have a staged order you’d like to execute when the price reaches a certain level? But, you might be out to lunch or or at an appointment when that time comes, and you miss the trade? Do you feel like this?Miss a trade - you weren't watching

Now you can have an automated TradeStation strategy execute that order for you.

Now you could be doing this:Eat Lunch while Taking a Winning Trade

while your TradeStation is automatically doing this:

Buy Stock With Staged Order

Buy Stock With Staged Order

This strategy is great for overnight FOREX trades!

You sleep easy, knowing your trades will execute without you having to watch. Works well with Tokyo Signals – click here to see Tokyo Signals.


Your entry order will only be placed in the market when the price comes “near” your entry level. You get to choose how near is “near”!
You can have several staged orders going all at once – they are not all placed at the same time.


  • Place on any time-frame chart, on any market – trade the markets you like.
  • Use Limit or Stop orders – enter the trade when price is moving up to your entry or down towards your entry.
  • Buy or Sell Short – take advantage of up markets and down markets.
  • Specify up to three targets – scale out of the trade, locking in profits.
  • Specify start looking for trade time and end looking for trade time – trade during your window of opportunity.
  • Exit before the end of the trading day, or leave the trade overnight – daytrade or swing trade or long-term trade, your choice.
  • Specify how close the price must come to your entry before the entry order is placed in the market – trade several stocks or markets without having open orders in all of them at the same time.
  • Let the strategy take care of the entire trade for you, or stop the strategy and manage the remainder of the trade manually – take complete control over your trades.
  • Full instructions on how to use the strategy – use it with confidence.

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We need your TradeStation Customer Number to create your software license.

  1. From the Top Menu on your TradeStation, choose Help, then About.
  2. Find your TradeStation Customer Number as shown by the red arrow in the image below.
  3. Then type or paste your Customer Number in the red box below.
TradeStation Customer Number

TradeStation Customer Number