Find Reversals and Trend End – Bigger Bar Reverse


Easy to use TradeStation Indicator Shows you Reversals and Trend End

It’s always good to be warned! When the instrument you are trading is about to turn around or end the trend, you want to know. Watch this video to learn about the Bigger Bar Reverse ShowMe indicator.

Suppose you are trading a 5 minute chart, but you have a 4500 tick chart as well, both with the Bigger Bar Reverse indicator on them. If you see/hear the plus on the 4500 tick chart, you are aware there may be a trend end or reversal. Knowing this, you can react accordingly on your 5 minute chart trades. This is how to find reversals and trend end!

Actual quote from actual user (I am not making this up!):

Hey Amber,

It took a few days of tweaks but I already got 50x my money back on your bigger bar reversal indicator!

Thanks! – Eric


And I can incorporate these signals into your other indicators/strategies if you like. Click here to read about my EasyLanguage consulting services.

Seeing this Find Reversals and Trend Endor thisFind Reversals and Trend End

gives you great insights into market action

Use these alerts as you trade so you can find reversals and trend end.

How it works to Find Reversals and Trend End:

Here is an ES emini 1 minute chart with Bollinger Band and Big Bar Reversal indicators on it.

Big Bar Reversals

First, the price must move to the lower portion of the Bollinger Band, or the upper portion.

If the price is at the bottom of the Bollinger Band: When a small down bar (yellow arrow) followed by a bigger up bar (white arrow) occurs, the plus is placed on the big up bar.

If the price is at the top of the Bollinger Band: When a small up bar (gray arrow) followed by a big down bar (pink arrow) occurs, the plus is placed on the big down bar.

This pattern often indicates a change in direction, or just the end of the trend. This is because the small bar indicates the momentum in that direction is slowing. The bigger bar in the other direction indicates that buyers (for a big green bar) or sellers (for a big red bar) are stepping in to either take profit or in the belief the direction is changing.

Of course, not every “plus” marks a reversal or trend end, but the large majority of them do.

Hi Amber

Been playing with my new toy and sure enough as you said the majority of signals are reversals.

Now to try and incorporate it into a system.

Nice work on your part Amber.

Have a good day – James


  • Place on any time-frame chart, on any market – trade the markets you like.
  • Set up Alerts – see and hear when a big bar reversal occurs, no matter what chart  you are currently looking at.
  • You control the vertical placement of the plus – make the price action obvious to your eye.
  • You control how close to the Bollinger Band the bars must be, and how much bigger the big bar must be than the previous bar – customize the indicator to fit your market.

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