May 232017
Trading Stocks vs Forex vs Futures vs Options

Trading and making a profit is a lot of fun, but it can be confusing as well. There is a lot to learn! One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, should I trade stocks? Forex? Futures? Options? Something else? Part of finding the answer to that is just learning about each market, so you can choose what makes sense to you. So let’s discover more about stocks vs forex vs futures vs options. More markets are available for trading today than ever in the history of the [Read more…]

Apr 262017
Options University [Review]

Today I’m doing a review of Options University, where you can learn all about options, and how to trade them. First, you might ask – why do I want to trade options? And what are the drawbacks to trading options? Why trade options There are so many reasons options are a good choice. You can increase leverage, limit your risk, provide insurance for other trades, profit in bear markets, profit in a market going sideways. (Plus, the Oracle on Wilshire uses them, and we’ve had lots of questions about the [Read more…]

Apr 052017
When Is the Best Time to Learn to Trade?

People don’t know to ask this, but when is probably one of the most important questions to ask  if you are going to learn to trade. Guess what? People generally decide to learn to start trading at a crossroads in their life when they need to make money to pay the bills that keep coming in! Making a living trading, starting from zero knowledge and experience – that is just not going to happen. Trading is a tenuous business at best! Putting pressure on yourself to make money in the markets is like [Read more…]

Mar 202017
Holy Profits, Batman

I just made a chart showing the equity line of the model portfolio for Oracle on Wilshire trades. And gosh, it looks darn good. You get caught up in the details of daily trades, and can lose sight of the big picture. One of the things I like about this equity line is that there is very little drawdown. Now I don’t know about you, but if my trades are going down for any length of time, I lose confidence in the system, and stop trading it. High on my [Read more…]

Mar 132017
Why I Use TradeStation [Review]

Today I’m doing a review of the trading platform and broker, TradeStation I use TradeStation for my own trading, and to develop indicators and strategies for my clients. So I thought I should tell you what I like about it, and what I don’t like. And if you want to open an account, you can get a 1/2 hour free consultation with me. I’d like to say there’s only one reason I trade with TradeStation. But there isn’t. Tradestation is really all-in-one. It is a platform with great tools, has [Read more…]

Feb 142017
Swing Trading Signals for Profitable Trading

You want to trade, you know that trading can be an “easy” way to make money. And, if you get good at it, you know you can quit your job and trade for a living. Or, you can fund your retirement. Or, you can buy that car/house/motorcycle/vacation that’s currently just out of reach. Swing trading is a good way to get into trading – commissions and slippage don’t take such a large chunk of each trade if the trades are longer term. Longer term trading means you are looking for the [Read more…]

Jan 022017
What Makes the Best Trading Strategy?

What is it that makes a great strategy? How do you know if you have the best trading strategy? Of course you need a great system, a great strategy. You don’t just plunk your money down and trade any old thing. So you find a system, a strategy – maybe you created it yourself, maybe you took ideas from someone else, maybe you bought one. How do you know if it is any good, or even great? I’ve made a video for you where I cover everything you should consider [Read more…]

Jun 212016
The Simple Trading Rules

Whether you are new to trading or an old pro, you need to know the rules you will follow to be profitable trading. Just as in any other endeavor, you have to plan to be successful, and you must have a set of rules you will follow. Simple Trading Rules – what does that mean? It means two things: Your trading rules must be straightforward and simple. They must be Simple Trading Rules, so you can follow them without fail. You can really kick butt with Simple Trading. Simple Trading Rules! [Read more…]

May 302016
Is Day Trading Hard?

Is Day Trading Hard? I’m glad you asked… The answer is yes. Yep. Indubitably. But, it can be learned, some can be successful at it! Not all, but some… By definition, day trading is the regular practice of buying and selling one or more security positions within a single trading day. No position, long or short, is held overnight. The idea of day trading lures many people into taking up trading. They think they will make some fast money and live the “dream” if they just learn how to “day [Read more…]